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  • What is the use of Toltrazuril?

    What is the use of Toltrazuril?

    What is the use of Toltrazuril? Toltrazuril has been used historically as a coccidiostat against coccidia infections of production animals. It is known to be efficacious against canine Isospora infections as well. Since toltrazuril, unlike sulfonamides, acts well against both merogony and gametog...
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  • Afoxolaner


    Afoxolaner is an insecticide and acaricide that belongs to the isoxazoline chemical compound group. It is an ectoparasiticide used for the treatment of fleas and ticks on dogs. Afoxolaner is a member of the isoxazoline family, shown to bind at a binding site to inhibit insect and acarine ligand-g...
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  • Fluralaner information sharing

    Fluralaner information sharing

    Fluralaner is an isoxazoline class compound that is the only topically applied systemic ectoparasiticide approved for dosing at up to 12-week intervals for flea and tick control in dogs and cats. Fluralaner can be administered at a reduced dosage using various routes: topical, oral, injectable. ...
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  • CPHI Barcelona Oct 24th-26th, 2023

    CPHI Barcelona Oct 24th-26th, 2023

    Hola! Barcelona. From Oct 24th to 26th 2023, as we walked into the bustling venue of CPHI Barcelona, the one of world’s largest pharmaceutical fairs, the energy and enthusiasm were palpable. There are More than 1,800 exhibitors and nearly 45,000 visitors show the great activity generated by...
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  • Xiamen Neore in CPHI Shanghai 2023

    Xiamen Neore in CPHI Shanghai 2023

    At a critical moment when international exchanges are resuming smoothly and the global economy is revitalizing, the 21st CPHI China 2023, which lasts for three days, builds a high-quality trade platform for the exchange, cooperation, and common development of the global pharmaceutical industry. I...
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  • Welcome visit us in CPHI CHINA 2023

    Welcome visit us in CPHI CHINA 2023

    We Xiamen Neore will attend the fair CPHI CHINA 2023 in Shanghai, from June 19th to June 21st. We warmly welcome invite our friends visit us at booth No. N1B25. We will see you there!
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  • Brief intro of application for Alprostadil

    Alprostadil, also named as PGE1, is a kind of pharmaceutical raw material, which is widely used in medicine and related fields. It is available as an injection or in the form of suppositories and topical creams for treatment. As one of the main components used in the production of prostaglandin E...
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  • Application of Doramectin in the treatment of diseases

    Doramectin, is a new type of wide-spectrum antiparasitic drug coming fm avermectin family. The insecticidal effect is better than that of avermectin and ivermectin. It is the latest veterinary antiparasitic drug in the world. It can be used to treat and prevent diseases caused by nematodes in the...
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  • Well known about Tripeptide-3 (AHK)

    Tetrapeptide-3, also knowns as AHK. It is a 3 amino acid long peptide, that has been bound together to create a synthetic peptide. Tetrapeptide-3 is found in everyone’s skin and can help to boost skin health and moisture levels. Tetrapeptide-3 is a part of your skin’s natural defence ...
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